Ribbons and Kittens


About three years ago a boy took me on a date and insisted on paying because he insisted that I needed to spend my own money on girl things. When I asked him what kind of things he meant he did not, as I would imagine say ‘make-up’ or ‘dresses’ instead he said ‘ribbons and kittens’ as naturally what self respecting female would think of using their hard earned cash for anything less. although in the three intervening years I have bought neither ribbon nor kitten it seems such a perfect explaination of events I couldn’t help but use it here.

Many other things have happened in those years and in an effort to make more sense of the comings and goings, the flasback, reflections and new adventures I’m going to try and record a little of it here, in ‘Ribbons and Kittens’ and hopefully in someway somewhere down the line it’ll start to make a little sense.

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