Planting a tree

For Christmas, well, a little time afterwards I bought my boyfriend a Rowan tree. we went in the garden centre to buy some heather to plant when we came across this beautiful tree. Probably about 7 1/2 feet tall with red, almost shiny bark . It only just fit into the car. The next day we drove up to plant it with Richard. Paddy wanted to ‘brash’ an section of trees (which involves cutting the bottom branches off some trees to allow under growth to grow unimpeeded by the lower branches of the larger trees. Our Rowan tree, now know as ‘tree- tree’ was to be planted at the head of this strip of other trees.

We spent the afternoon ‘brashing’ and ‘Tree – Tree’ (pictured left) was set up at his new home. While we were there we took to opportunity to try and identify other plant life that was there, one such conspicuious contender was coating the small patches of sunlight inside the trees. Long, green and spindally like very young twigs, but no where near sturdy enough to be tree saplings. Paddy is convinced that they are Blaberry, or wild scottish Blueberry. It would be very exciting if they were, that way we could make all kinds of yummy things in August when the berries come. We shall have to wait and see.

it was a beautiful afternoon and as Paddy and Richard drove towards the gate way I took a brilliantly dramatic photograph which I will now use as the banner to this blog.

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