Living without water

Well perhaps not entirely but in a fashion. Since the pipes froze on december 22nd we havent had a drop of water in the cottage. Its no longer a novelty, washing the dishes in bottled water is not fun. (I’m perhaps being overdramatic as I did spend Chirstmas and New Year at my parents in Cornwall (where it wasn’t even that cold)). Either way, its been four days since I last had a shower and thats at least two too many. The nice people at Scottish water have delivered us 24 bottles of water, which is very nice of them, but it would be nicer still if they could just make the taps come on agian.


I spent some time in Uganda a couple of years ago, we spent our time under corrugated Iron roofs, with deadlock doors, solar pannels that only worked for a couple of hours either side of midday, traditional African loos (holes in the ground) and no running water. Our water supply collected on the roof on the occasion that it rained and could be collected via a tap and taken to the kitchen for boiling on the gas canisters. Never has water been such an important comodity, I had never even really noticed it until then. Despite all its difficulties the system worked very well. I was as comfortable there as when I was at home, naturally it took me a couple of days to get used to it but after I did it became normal. Returning to the “real world” afterward was the bigger shock. Ironically, living without water in Scotland is not so easy, lifestyle is not designed around the jerry can, showers, sinks, taps (and most notably toilets) need a constant supply of running water. Its quite remarkable.

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