Walking in the Snow

I’ve had a really lovely weekend. It all began on Saturday morning when we went for a walk on the hill. It snowed over night and there was about 4 inches on the ground. We took a brilliant route up and around and then over. looking for all the tracks of different animals. I wasn’t really able to identify anything excet sheep, but Paddy managed to point out weasel and fox as well. Even more excitingly we actually saw a fox. It was Miles away. A pin prick across on the other hill. He was happily sitting in the sunshine and we watched him for a miniute trotting about with nothing particularly bothering him, a very happy little foxy.

This would have been the perfect oportunity to try out the new gaiters I was given for chirstmas. However I wore only my walking boots, and managed to fall into a ditch as the ice broke when I stood on it.

Wet frozen socks all the way home. It was worth it though….

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