My favourite kind of cous-cous

I’m very excited about the coming summer season, and after that winter who can blame me? I’ve got all sorts of wonderful things currently growing on the window sill waiting to be planted and be delicious. (The rubarb is almost ready already)!

Although that which is making me the most excited about it is how immenent it feels. My first cooking job starts next Monday (less than a week away) and I’m glad to announce that that marks the transition into my summer coat, no more door to door sales and temp work. Proper self employment. And, to make it all the sweeter I’m starting off by being flown to France! Its only for a week but there’s probably wiggle room for a bit of skiing and its a fantastic way to ease myself ack into it. Chalet work is not know for its demanding nature and I’m a little concerned I’m a little rusty and not being a London resurant chef keeping up with trends isn’t always the easiest. luckily I don’t have many clients who are that bothered about ‘trend’ its more about being yummy and less about how tall you can make it on the plate.

In many ways I’m inclined to agree. But now I’m no longer a ‘begginer’ in the industry I think its time I started experimenting with overly ornamental garnishes and turning carrots into foam….

Incedentally my favourite kind of Cous-Cous is your basic za’htar and sumac with cous-cous and then sprinkled with rasins. never fails. sometimes with pine nuts…

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