Sitting beneath the towering, unmistakable form of Mont Blanc lies the little French Village of Combloux. My experiences of French ski resorts (namely Val D’isere and Courcheval) had led me to expect a clash of cultures; English pubs, Russian designer sunglasses huts, Italian Pizzarias menus available in any language. But this little corner of France is quite different.

It is like a town from a French school text-book, all the shops in a line; butcher, baker, post office, newsagent, school, church and about eight different cheese mongers. So French, in fact, the even the Office De Toristme had no signs up in English. In many ways this is lovely, its not often as an English visitor to an area that you find a place that is not in some way expecting you.

Although if you’d like to ask someone what time the butchers opens its not so ideal….

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