Over the sea to Skye…

There’s nothing more exciting than turning up in a hotel room to find a decanter on whisky and two glasses in your room. Well, there probably is, but after a long drive its a pretty satisfying sight. It lets you know you’ve picked the right place. 

I had a fantastic week in Skye, and although I wish not to make a habit out of commenting on my clients they were truly lovely people and I hope I do get to work for them again sometime. a busy, children, dog, lots of food week, but very enjoyable.

I had never been to Skye before and was given mixed reports on what to expect before I left. It’s hard to give any verdict of my own, after a week of mostly working I can’t honestly say I saw massive expanses of the Island and the weather was not the most fabulous being that it was April.

What I saw, however, I found utterly stunning, once you get to a certain distance up north the cloud movements and the air seem to change what you see on a minute by minute basis. My clients were kind enough to take me on a boat trip to see seals and another section of the Isle. The seals were lovely, fully camouflaged against the rocks (my pictures are indecipherable), exciting to see even in the bad weather. The cloud rose and sank clinging to the cliff face and then floating away again. mesmerizing.

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