Its taken a few months for it to look like this and even now nothing is quite ready to harvest and eat. Despite that I can’t helping feeling incredibly proud of our little veg patch. I’ve grown herbs intermittently for years but this year was the first year I really had the space, the time (and the help) to invest in a proper attempt at feeding myself. (well, in growing something that can be eaten).

From left to right: courgettes, strawberries, lettuces, romanesque cauliflowers, onions, garlic, lettuces, spring onions and leeks.

Some have clearly done better than others. notably the cauliflowers which having started out as seed have come a very long way. The view of the onions are particularly satisfying given that they are in neat little rows and each plant has had tidy uniform success. I’m particularly excited about the strawberries, having started flowering a couple of weeks the beginnings of fruit are starting to appear. It’ll be a few weeks before any are ripe enough to eat but its exciting to feel as if we will some day dine out on our own strawberries.

Meanwhile inside…

When I was last at home my grandmother told me that when my tomato plants flowered I should let them flower. Sound advice. Now that the flowers are appearing in abundance on the five plants which occupy my windowsills, I’m hoping that there will be an equal abundance of fruit.

On other windowsills around the cottage there are also aubergine and celery plants waiting for the weather to warm up enough to take their places outside. I fear that the aubergines will never produce quite as well as they would elsewhere, say the Mediterranean? Perhaps, we shall see.

The tomatoes meanwhile are giving us something to think about…

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