Checking the Chives

There’s not more denying it. My Chives have flowered.

I alway like to take a small selection of herbs from my own garden whenever I go cooking. I think that’s the kind of thing that people hire a cook for; matching homegrown herbs in the right dish. No that nyone couldnt go to tesco and buy a little celephane packet with some leaves in it, but from my perspective, why line thier pockets when it will grow for free if you put it in the ground (well basically). The beauty of herbs is the amount you can grow in very limited space between my house and garden I currently have healthy qualities of basil, rosemary, oregano, mint, sage,  parsley (pictured), thyme, lavender and of course, chives (also pictured). A few leaves from each plant usually keeps me going for my weeks away.

My chives are the first of the herbs to flower. As a general rule herbs should not be allowed to flower, the stems of the chives which don the flowers will now be too tough to cook with, and yet despite this I can’t really help not minding. The flowers, swaying in the wind in the front of my little cottage, are so sweet and so pretty I can instantly forgive them for making my chives inedible.

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