“Garden Guests”

I’ve been feeding the little dicky birds in the garden since last autumn and all through the difficult winter, so I now have a reliable incoming of cheepers, mostly sparrows, blue tits and chaffinchs with the occasional reed bunting and black bird.

Since I sowed a line of lettuces in late February

Our "Guest" taken half an hour ago from the bedroom window...

there has been some small but noticeable destruction to the veg garden. The first line of lettuces was, in part scratched up and needed to be re-sowed, we had initially blamed a pheasant, noticing one dead beside the road a few days later. Mystery solved? Well it would have been but the scratchings continued. Today, however, I have discovered the answer. A wayward partridge sitting on the wall next to the bird nuts and being peeped at by our usual guests.

I’m not quite sure what we can do about this little problem. It’s not as simple as slug pellets and I’m not keen to net the entire garden…

All I can say is; he better watch it, I have a particularly tasty recipe for partridge with haggis stuffing….

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