Mille Feuille

For Christmas I was kindly given the new ‘Green and Blacks’ cook book, full with fantastic chocolaty recipes very few of which I’ve found the time to really get to grips with. Generally speaking the recipes in the book are quite complicated. I made very good marbled cheesecake and chocolate brownies which, although very good involved making a cheesecake mix and a brownie mix and then combining the two. For an afternoon tea for my boyfriend and I, or for friends, this is fine but for working purposes it rules out making both brownies and cheesecake on another occasion (and both can be popular depending on your group) and on its most basic level is a high work load to incorporate into a day when you may also be cooking a full breakfast, lunch and a three course dinner.  In the book there is also a recipe for Mille Feuille, which looked like a real ‘wow’ pudding and after being asked to do a French night it seemed like the obvious choice.


Similar to the cheesecake this recipe was built up from a number of different elements; puff pastry (obviously), whipped cream, chocolate and icing. None of these elements were difficult; the hardest part was probably trying to cut each triangle of pastry the same size as the one before. And doubtless the results were pretty fantastic (one of my very kind clients told me my version was better than the one in the book!)

Regardless of the undoubted success I’m not sure that mille feuille will make in on to many more of my menus.  The simplicity was attractive but the fiddly and time-consuming process of building the portions up caused me some aggravation. Not really something you can do in advance I think I need practice to build up my speed before I try to recreate this one for such large numbers…

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