This week in Aviemore

It’s been over a year since I was last in Aviemore, my boyfriend and I had left our cottage on the West coast at 1am and driven through the early hours to see the Capercaillie lekking. Magnificent as it was my arrival this time was a little less dramatic. I was working in Ullapool over the bank holiday weekend (an exceptionally busy one) and now I am here, in a Scottish ski resort with no snow…

In reality the place is very beautiful, the highest points still hug a scattering of winter snow and the wildlife has the potential to be very exciting indeed. Finding this excitement has become my problem. Two days in a row I have set off in search of Osprey, and two days I have come back having seen none. The most peculiar part is the irony. The day I arrived I watched two of the spectacular birds flying above me on the road, at that moment I could neither stop nor really appreciate the moment, instead hurrying on to reach the lodge. I have returned to the same stop twice now and taken my time looking out over the loch that sits beside the road, but alas no ospreys. Perhaps I will try again tomorrow… 

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