Progress Report…

I’m now home and surrounded by the multitudes of summer, flowers here there and everywhere, baby birds peeping left right and centre and hopefully very soon garden produce?

In truth some things have done better than others the lettuces, for instance, after the disruption from the partridge have made a good recovery. Those that escaped the initial pecking are not too far from harvesting and those that were badly damaged were re-sown for a later crop. The courgettes on the other hand did not make such a recovery. The wind had been creating such havoc over the last few weeks my por little courgettes never stood a chance, those which were not ripped from their roots had their leaves destroyed or snapped by the onslaught and after one particularly rough night there was nothing left of my once promising patch. Replacement plants have now been planted but the wind and the exposure of the garden don’t inspire a great deal of hope.

After reading  in the news how early the strawberries were this year I have been excitedly checking mine at every opportunity, it is only this week that they have introduced the first hints of red to their colour. encouragingly each plant has strawberries at different stages, some still have buds, some flowers which hopefully means I will have a constant supply all summer long, just so long as the birdies don’t get to them…

Most impressive of all is happening inside (where I have decided to keep the tomatoes as we are not intending to get a greenhouse this year). The fruit is in fully evidence and, like the strawberries is just waiting to ripen.  It’s very exciting, although the responsibility is also great, we cannot allow the plants to dry out otherwise we will end up with hard or shrivelled little tomatoes. They must be watered and in the sunshine at all times to guarantee maximum tastyness when the big day arrives. At least we don’t have to worry about the birds or the slugs…

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