The River Beauly and the Scottish Wild Salmon

This week I’m in Beauly, a lovely little Scottish town just North of Inverness. The lodge this week is pretty remote, and along a salmon-y section of the river Beauly,

The view from the lodge

unsurprisingly the guests are all here to catch as many fish as they can keenly early breakfasts and lunches in the fishing huts… We shall see…


I am very excited about the prospect of a caught fish, my plan is to cook it very simply, using a recipe that works very well for farmed as well as wild salmon.

  • fillets of salmon (as many as you have guests)
  • lemon slices
  • white wine (proportionate to your salmon)

Take your salmon, remove bones and skin and place on top of tin foil, then slice your lemon(s) into round slices and lay on top of the fish (two per fillet), pour white wine over the fish, not so much that it covers but enough that it surrounds then scrunch up the foil so the fish is completely surrounded by foil in a little packet. Pop into oven and keep a close eye on it, depending on how many fillets it may only take 15 mins for them to be perfectly cooked.

A sauce which, depending if i can get the watercress, I always like to serve with this dish;

  • A bag of watercress (this is a great time of year for watercress – it tastes fantastic at the moment)
  • a pot of creme fraiche
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • seasoning

combine above ingredients in a magimix or other mixing device and blend until the form a sauce. If the sauce isn’t liquid enough (sometimes it can be quite stiff, depending on your brand on creme fraiche) then add a little single cream until the required liquidity is reached.

Perfect served with salad and new potatoes – in season and pretty simple.

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