Baby garden birds

As well as the fruit and veg beginning to show in abundance so too are our little feathered guests. Sparrows have colonised the roof, great tits have begun flying in flocks and the incessant cheeping is enough to make the windows shatter.

I was particularly excited to see a team of greenfinches descend on the feeders a couple of days ago, the parents seemed to be showing the chicks what to do and they seemed to be getting the hang of it pretty well.

The one on the left is the juvenile

At the same time a baby dunnock seemed to have just emerged from the nest for the first time and he sat on the wall and peeped in a disgruntled manner as if he had been forgotten about for a few minutes. The dunnocks never seem to feed directly from the feeders, instead they seem to hang about at the bottom waiting for other birds to drop little morsels for them. This little guy hadn’t quite got the hang of that yet…

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