Aga Brownies

Almost without exception at some point during a week’s cooking I will make chocolate brownies. They have never been met with anything apart from awe and admiration (apart from that one time when I forgot to put the flour in but that’s another story…)

Unusually I haven’t fiddled very much with the recipe since stealing it from one of my flatmate Kari’s cook books when we were at uni (well, when you live with someone their books are fair game?)

  • 100g 70% cocoa chocolate
  • 115g butter
  • 4 eggs
  • pinch salt
  • 450g vanilla sugar
  • 225g flour

melt the chocolate with the butter before adding to everything else, then bake at 180 for about half an hour. Then boom, the best brownies you have ever eaten.

It probably isn’t particularly ground breaking to observe that aga’s cook differently from other ovens, and the case of the brownies is no different. The brownies are always fantastic but even more so when cooked in one of these babies. I always opt to turn the fan off in a fan oven when I’m baking, with this recipe it can dry out the top and give a crispy top layer, which is not in any way a problem I just like them to be as goo-ie as possible. The aga takes goo-iness to another level, something about the heat seems to cook them in a way you couldn’t possibly hope to recreate in another oven.

Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like....

If only I had the sort of money and space needed I would have one at home in an instant. For now sadly I will just have to enjoy them in the lodges….

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1 Response to Aga Brownies

  1. Tell Santa I would love, love one of those amazing Aga’s as well. It’s so pretty!

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