Eilean Donan Castle and the albino foxgloves

I was last in this area of the world in May and returned again to do a little cooking over the weekend for an exceptionally friendly group. I went again to the castle. It looked very different this time around. Perhaps it is one of those places that never looks the same twice, or perhaps it just looks different with the sun on it. I toyed with the idea of going in, but the shop was full of clan tartans, children and foreign tourists and I wasn’t very much in the mood for a lesson on Scottish identity. Instead I took a walk, not too far away, but off the normal tourist route. This area of the world is full of hidden gems, you can go for the obvious, well sign posted castles or you can pick your own way across the wilderness and find something just of your own, in my case today was a good day for the latter. On my ramblings I came across something which, although not particularly rare, was fantastic to find and a real treat, just for me. In among an abundance of regular pink foxgloves were these lovely white ones. I’m sure there are all sort of scientific reasons why these ones are a different colour, or variety, or whatever, but my only interest was enjoying them for their aesthetic value.

Sometimes I feel lucky that when I go walking I see remarkable things. Yet sometimes it feels logical that when you look you see. This may have been a case of that, simply had I been inside the castle I would never have found these little gems…

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