The importance of applause


After my disastrous week at ‘the middle of no where lodge’ I seriously contemplated giving up cooking for good. Party because I was in doubt of my abilities and party because it had simply been so awful it was difficult to imagine revisiting that circumstance in any lodge in the future. A nice office job perhaps? And then readymeals at home so that no cooking could ever remind me of the horror of that week.
Last night my pudding was applauded and cheered. (i will modestly note that this is not the first time this has happened – last month I was asked to take a bow as I took out starters) this time, however it sort of reminded me, not only of all the other times I’ve had similarly satisfied customers, but of the times when I haven’t.
I was told on my ski season that my food lacked ‘wow appeal’ which has only made me more concious of all the times since then when people have literally said ‘wow’ as their food was served.
Maybe the answer is not to never cook again, maybe its just that when people want to be negative toward you and your achievements they will be regardless how untrue or unfair what they are saying actually is. 
Or maybe I just shouldn’t expect people to enjoy my food and then I won’t be disappointed when they don’t…

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