Valvona and Crolla

I would really love this blog to be a little more about eating out but as I very rarely have the time or the opportunity it tends not to be. An evening out is usually for chippy chips, Chinese or Indian – all of which are exceptionally good in my mind but can probably not be considered in the category of fine dining, or worth little more than a passing comment in another blog post (Oh the meta-theatre).

Valvona and Crolla are another story. A trip to Edinburgh – a trip of celebration as my boyfriend handed his book in to the publishers last week, congrats to him. We had lunch at a fabulous place called Valvona and Crolla, I had heard whispers that it was good, the whispers hadn’t come close. Utterly fantastic. I’d just returned from an extended stint in Ullapool so was ready for a treat to say the least, I just wish I stood any chance of recreating anything that we saw or tasted. An antipasti shared platter loaded with all the most delicious hams, cheeses and vegetables all inevitably fought over followed by, for me, the chicken, the flavours of which were such a perfect blend I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed it. Pudding; polenta cake, because I had seen the woman on the table next to us have one and I got the envy, this is something that I really am going to try to learn how to make. All of it accompanied with slightly too much wine and a splurge in the connecting Italian deli on the way out made for a wonderful afternoon and celebration.

Well recommended.

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