Occasionally I am asked to do corporate work. Generally speaking it’s not my favourite, at a corporate event people are a lot less happy than they are with their families and even if they are friendly charming people in their private lives they tend to be serious and cold at events like these. This weekend a friend and I have been cooking in Dunoon for just such an event, some description of team building I think. Being with a friend certainly helps on a job like this one, as does being in a beautiful town that you’ve never seen before.

Dunoon is just close enough to cities like Glasgow for a day out, (or a corporate weekend away?) and as a result has a multitude of gift shops, cafes and galleries. We were working in a kind of central spot in what had once been a hotel and was now hired out privately to groups such as ours.

With regard to the food, simplicity is best and my friend showed me a ‘carpatio of beetroot salad’ which I think I will use again. Corporate groups, even if foodie individuals, are not really there for the food and want to be catered for on time with the correct quantities, quality being secondary to that. Although the compliments were audible I think I shall steer away from large corporate parties in the future, I much prefer the family atmosphere of a shared and enjoyed meal…

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