An excess of turnips


A neighbour of ours has taken up farming. Despite the inevitable challenges he has succeeded in producing a bumper crop of purple topped turnips, (along with a variety of other veg), and as a result had a box to spare for the cook around the corner…
The humble turnip, I have to admit, is not my vegetable of choice. Not to say it doesn’t have its merits its just not the first thing that leaps into my mind when I’m thinking about tasty food. With such a large quantity of said veg it needed to be produced into something that would keep or some kind or turnip only meal.
Soup, obviously, occurred fairly quickly, and I made my standard base, added as much turnip as seemed logical and blended. Very nice (my freezer is currently full of it).
Chutney next, and although its been a while since I made any of my own (i went through a bit of a chutney phase last autumn and rather tired myself out with it) I went at it with gusto. 3 batches were made in all, but by far the best was the one dubbed ‘chutney excellente’ loosely based on an onion marmalade recipe; 6lb turnips, 600g brown sugar, 400ml vinegar (we used a mixtures of red wine and balsamic), 3 cloves garlic crushed, one red chili thinly sliced, 2 tbsp wholegrain mustard, pinch paprika, salt, one lemon grass stick crushed and removed at the end like a bay leaf. Basically all you need to do is sweat the turnip down a bit then add everything else and let it simmer, reduce and turn into chutney. Then distribute jars to friends and family…

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2 Responses to An excess of turnips

  1. This looks simple delicious! humble turnips have a lot to offer 🙂

    Do you fancy entering this recipe into our soup competition?

  2. Bidders says:

    Thanks for the support I have indeed entered your competition but with a slightly different recipe;

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