Twice baked cheese souffles, finally, success…


These have always been a bit of a nemesis for me. Lots of people say they’re easy but I find that so much can go wrong. This week (in fort Augustus) they have been requested and the sound of a failed souffle splat again haunts my nightmares.
The recipe itself isn’t the most simplistic,
Half a pint of milk infuse with nutmeg. Then melt 2oz butter and add 2oz flour, cook then stir in the milk to create a rather thick white sauce. 4oz of cheese on top and heat until melted, remove from heat and add 2 egg yolks. Meanwhile whisk 3 egg whites until stiff. Combine the egg whites with your mix gently, so it all keeps fluffy then spoon into about 8 buttered ramekins. They now need to be cooked for about 20 mins in the oven 180 ish in a roasting tin with water in the bottom. They should rise and brown a little on top. Remove from oven and allow to cool before running a knife around each one and turning out onto a baking sheet. Before serving grate more cheese over each one and pour over a little cream, return to the oven at 200 for 15-20 mins. They should rise considerably during this final cooking and should be served immediately otherwise they will sink again.
Its taken me a while to be able to reliably do that but I think I’ve just about cracked it….

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