One world One Chutney; Tina’s Tea Room

It was a cheery October weekend in deepest darkest Peebles, the mellow sounds of accordion song were flowing on the breeze and the smell of vinegar lingered in the air. For this weekend held an event never before attempted, or even though of save for by one small group of people; One world One Chutney, a festival celebration of chutneys everywhere and an exhaultation thereof.

I have to admit, I’ve been excited about this weekend for sometime, after being asked to run the tea rooms at the event I’ve spent weeks planning and baking and generally getting excited, not least because the little holiday cottage under the shadow of Neidpath castle was, for two days only, turned into Tina’s Tea Room. When I arrived people asked me who I was, telling them I was Tina met with “ah so you’re Tina” – a level of celebrety I hope to recreate someday…

The quantities of cake involved, looking back, are difficult to comprehend, already it feels like it wasn’t really me who used up all those eggs or poured all those cups of tea. That’s not to say I didn’t have a little help, I made some wonderful new friends and ran into some old ones along the way.


Despite the excessive quantities of tea and coffee sold the real high point of the weekend had to be the successful delivery of 95 puddings to the special guests on Saturday night. A fantastic London catering company (called What the Dickens?) put on a marvelous spread of venison curry  (which goes very well with chutney!) and pudding was left to me. I went for my peach raspberry and almond tart because I’ve never known anyone not like it and thought that a slice need only be small to have the full effect of tasty pudding.

Logistically feeding 95 people could be described as pretty epic but luckily with our team and a rather elaborate production line we managed to pull it off without any hungry guests. Seeing all those puddings lined up on the benches ready to go really was a moment of pride…

All Hail Chutney!

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