Fame for little Scoop

Last December it snowed. Quite heavily on the hills around the house, a wonderful picture to wake up to when you have nowhere else to go. We took a walk, my boyfriend, Scoop the puppy and I into the snowy hills. Scoop had never seen snow before, she was only 3 months old and it was the most exciting thing ever. She spent her time sticking her nose in, sneezing and generally charging around. I had taken my camera in anticipation of some cute puppy action and I was not disappointed. With a memory card full of pictures we headed home and, with nowhere else to go on a cold day I settled down in front of my computer for some general procrastination… BBC news is one of my many starting points and I noticed that they were inviting people to send in pictures of their snowy experiences, I looked down at Scoop (now fast asleep in her basket) and wondered if they would appreciate a picture of a labrador puppy with snow on its nose. They other pictures were people cars snowed in, blocked roads and the general mischief that seems to happen when it snows. I sent them a picture anyway thinking “why not?” I was literally ecstatic when less than an hour later they emailed to ask questions about copyright and what was my lovely puppy’s name? Scoop got her first taste of fame and I was an exceptionally proud owner.

Last week I was have another little procrastination on the BBC news website and I noticed that there was a slide show of pictures for 2011, one for each month, pictures of uprisings in Egypt, the Royal wedding, riots in London, Gaddafi, Tsunami, and then… SCOOP! My little labrador puppy with snow on her nose was on the 2011: year in pictures. Excited is an under statement.

My lovely famous dog…

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