Preparing the raised beds

It’s a sunny day, its March and the time has come to really make an impression on the garden. I’ve had all sorts of plans coming and going about what I’m going to do with the place but now its time to stop dreaming and start doing. It’s quite a wild garden, to be honest, lots of scrubby grass, not really what you would call lawn. Theres a few plants that are starting to come up here and there, (snowdrops, daffodils..) but going to have to wait a little longer to see what they all are… we have a few trees, a sizable ash with a nesting box (I’m pretty sure there’s a pair of blue tits currently preparing for something inside…) and a hawthorn which I’ve hund my bird feeders on. This week I started to put out niger seed, something which the birds at the old house were never that fussed about, but here they have enticed a whole new selection of birds. The Siskins (pictured) were the most exciting of all, the male (the one with the black hat) makes almost mechanical calling sounds and you can’t help but watch them as they flash yellow across the garden…

My plans for the garden are, perhaps a little unrealistic, last year I started with great gusto during the planting season but I was away far too much on my various cooking jobs that I was unable to really give the garden all the attention that it needed. This year, I intend to do fewer jobs, my boyfriend’s book is coming out in the middle of the summer and as much as possibly I would like to be around for that. As a result I’ve planned more than ever for my little patch of land.

The new place came with a selection of raised beds and I have spent the morning clearing them of left over crops from last year, weeding and generally turning the soil about ready for seeds to be sown.

Needless to say I’m now pretty exhausted and will probably spend the afternoon reading Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘The Kitchen Garden’ and decide what wonders my raised beds will produce.

Suggestions welcome…

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1 Response to Preparing the raised beds

  1. Sharon says:

    So many possibilities for empty garden beds! I would definitely put in some Bibb lettuce. Its grows quickly, and its leaves are succulent–even hearty. So much better than anything from the store. Plus you could sow radishes between the lettuce. They’ll be ready to harvest before the lettuce needs the extra space. 🙂 Happy planting!

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