Criffel Fire

I thought this was worthy of a post although it doesn’t follow my usual themes…

Yesterday at about midday a small group of people who were heather burning on Criffel ( a large hill just south of Dumfries ) lit a fire that got a bit bigger than they had intended and they lost control.

Heather burning is a brilliant way to rejuvenate moorland. My boyfriend’s blog explains what they were trying to do on Criffel here. Up until yesterday they had had some success.

Now dramatic pictures are being beamed all over the internet of raging fires, rings of light blazing in the Solway and the term “grass fire” has been flung about quite liberally. I took my photos at about 4.30pm yesterday. Fire engines were being called in from all over and people were gazing up wondering where all the smoke was coming from. It wasn’t until it got dark that you could really see what was happening.

The fire is still burning, as it would seem it is now in the trees, the heat of today (another lovely spring morning) surely won’t help but hopefully by this evening it will be better controlled.

Who would have thought all this fuss is to create better habitat for grouse? I hope they appreciate it…

(I’m also rather excited that ITV decided to use a couple of my images here!)

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