Beatrice and Eugenie


Ok, so it’s been a while since my last blog entry. Quite a while. However, April 1st, start of the new tax year and what have you. Now I will take up from where I left off…

The picture above is of two hens. Two pretty hideous, unhealthy, unhappy looking hens. Until very recently they laid eggs for the UK poultry industry; they were “barn hens” which in reality means one large squalid barn full of chickens. They are Columbian black-tailed hens which means that when their feathers grow back they’ll have black tails.

I’d been meaning to rescue some “ex-batts” for a while, not that we need any more hens (we already had 18 hens and 2 cockerels) but just because it’s no trouble for me to have a few more, and what’s the harm in letting two hens otherwise destined for slaughter live out their days with access to sunlight and fresh grass.

So I’ve named them Beatrice and Eugenie and put them in with the others.

I’ll be honest it wasn’t the instant success I was hoping for. They are shy, very shy and not at all keen to come out of the henhouse. Apparently this is very common for hens used to being in commercial conditions but I so wanted them to come running out shouting “finally! freeeeeedom!” but alas even a few days along we’re only as far as tentatively poking our heads out of the door. Hopefully they will start to muck along with the others soon and enjoy their retirement… I’ll keep you posted.

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