Gaiters grouse and the good dog Scoop.

I was very kindly given new gaiters for Christmas, bright red ones. They are made of what is basically wet-suit material and go on very easily; Velcro up the back. It was time to take them for a spin. The good dog Scoop was looking for an adventure and although we’ve lived here for two years there’s a hill facing the house that I haven’t ventured up. Today was the day!

Me in my new gaiters

Me in my new gaiters

Scoop, obviously, had no complaints, the hill is covered in rabbits and she enjoys nothing more than wild sniffing/chasing and generally gambolling in the heather.

Scoop goes for a gambol

Scoop goes for a gambol

To get to the hill there’s a bit of a boggy patch over which my gentleman companion refused to give me a piggyback (charming.) Inevitable emerging with wet feet I was first critical of the new gaiters, surely keeping my feet dry should be top of the addenda, yet as I continued on my merry way I realised that they were not very wet and the material was keeping them warm.

Once we got onto the hill Scoop wasted no time finding a rabbit warren and a few rogue bunnies to bother. The gradient of the hill meant that she was racing at full speed up a considerable incline and, as a result, tiring herself out admirably. By the time the hill plateaued at the top she was walking to heel like a good peg dog, just in time to see a covey of three grouse get up just in front of us and chuckle their way across the hill.

The clouds began to descend and within moments we were littered with hail stones. Scoop didn’t mind but I was wearing my hat with no top (another fantastic Christmas present) but alas, I don’t think these kind of hats are designed to keep out hail.

Overall I do really like my new gaiters, they are comfortable, warm and have the basic, but fantastic quality of being silent. So much outdoor gear is “rustley” and for someone who likes to see wildlife and birds it’s good not to scare everything away from a mile off.

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