Roe deer Venison Bolognese

I love spaghetti bolognese. it doesn’t matter how many times we have it, I adore it. There’s a number of variations that I go for, depending on mood, whats in the cupboard, what herbs are currently growing and who my audience is, but it’s usually something along the lines of mince, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, herbs. standard.


This week I was very lucky, because I was presented with a roe deer and a mincer.

It wasn’t a very big deer, but it was enough to provide ample mince, at least for one portion of bolognese. So we cracked the mincer on and got to work. Due in part to the size of the deer and in part to the very poor butchery skills on display (I really want/need to do a butchery course), the mince ended up containing everything from brisket to fillet. To get it through the mincer there was also a little onion and some breadcrumbs added.

Once minced it was time to cook, and it really did turn out rather well. If I’m being totally objective I did go a little bit overboard with the oregano. I do love oregano, especially the smell of it when it’s cooking but as I only have the dried herb at the moment I need to remember how punchy it can be when it’s cooked into a dish like this. Served with pasta. Delicious.

 a fantastic picture of a Roe deer (I'm very proud of this picture)

A fantastic picture of a Roe deer (I’m very proud of this picture)

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