An unexpected trip to the Edinburgh Farmers Market

We were really heading for the theater. Some friends and I had tickets to see Noel Coward’s “Private Lives” (which was utterly brilliant) at Edinburgh’s Lyceum.

What was exceptionally lucky is that the farmer’s market in Edinburgh is held just next to the theater every Saturday! I literally squeeled with excitement as we came upon it, I haven’t been to a farmers market of any kind since before Christmas and I do love to chat with producers and buy the best kinds of everything.

There were musicians playing and the sun was shining, there was an atmosphere of city hustle and bustle and I couldn’t help feeling that the world of food was smiling on me.


Enjoying my hog roast roll

I was so excited to see that Oink Edinburgh were there. I met them a few years ago when I was working at a Chutney festival in Peebles, Running Tina’s Tea Room, (a fantastic weekend). One of my lasting memories was of how friendly they were and how good the hog roast was. I must admit in the intervening years there has certainly been no dip in quality. I opted for haggis with my hog yesterday and it was utterly sublime. Patrick and I have been toying with having a hog roast at our wedding and there are fewer and fewer arguments against…

After filling our faces with hog roast we took a more sedate pace around the rest of the market, choosing some beautiful blue cheese from “Stichill Jerseys” and some “Laprig Fruit” tomato juice. 


We had much deliberation over the right balsamic, eventually opting for a roast garlic infused one, from “Gusto” which I think will add nicely to my collection! We had similar discussions when it came to buying jams. We tried a number of tasters at the “Claire Leslie Farms” stall but we literally couldn’t pick just one so we decided to go for bramble and black current as well as strawberry and gooseberry.

The farmers market in Edinburgh starts at 9am so by the time we got there at 1.30pm there were some stalls that didn’t have a great deal left. “Puddledub Buffalo” was one of these. I’ve never cooked with buffalo and, as with most things, I’d like to give it a go. We were left with the one remaining choice of minute steak which after a chat with the stall holder we bought to try out in a stir fry later in the week. Hopefully next time we can go a little earlier and really get stuck in to the specialty meats!

Time was ticking on and stalls were closing, but there was still time to snatch up some “Reiver’s food” bacon for breakfast the following day.

Walking away drinking “The Chocolate Tree” hot chocolate (beautiful) and eating a “Valvona & Crolla” doughnut I felt like a very trendy city type that spends her Saturdays mincing around the city looking in groovy shops and generally being very cool.

It’s back to reality now though… better get out and feed the chickens….

For more info: Edinburgh Farmers Market

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