My name is Tina and I like to cook.

I live in the beautiful countryside of Dumfries and Galloway with my husband, a black Labrador called scoop and a selection of hens.

I’m a lodge cook. Traveling around Scotland cooking for shooting parties, fishing groups and family holidays. Sometimes it’s full weeks catering sometimes it’s just a dinner party. Either way I get to meet lots of interesting people and learn loads of new recipes!

I like experimenting with game and home grown food and keep a record of where I am (and what I’m cooking) here on my blog. Enjoy!

I’m on Twitter as @thelodgecook

4 Responses to About

  1. amaniomejer says:

    You’re brilliant. X

  2. vannillarock says:

    Hi Tina! Thanks for stopping by my cooking blog vannillarock
    You have such a yummy blog here and I look forward to trying out some of your recipes. Anne.

  3. Fun to find your blog!! You life sounds so “romantic” from this brief description. All I know about Scotland is what I’ve read in Rosemund Pilcher books. I’d love to visit that beautiful place one day…

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