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Chicks Chicks Chicks!

I keep hens because they lay lovely eggs. I love that I have beautiful yellow yolked eggs whenever I want them, I never need to worry about the condition of the hens producing them, because I can look out the … Continue reading

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Banana pancakes (easiest ever)!

I don’t know where this recipe comes from, a friend suggested it as something I could try out. So I did and it turned out superb! It’s very simple. You take: One banana Two eggs That’s its. You then blend … Continue reading

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There’s a wagtail in the woodshed

Honestly there is. Earlier today I was moving some bits of wood around when suddenly a wagtail flew out. Our woodshed used to be some kind of agricultural cow related building and has little feeding troughs in it. I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Quail chicks!

When I told people I’d bought 12 quail eggs off ebay to hatch they laughed. As I signed for the little (heavily wrapped) package the postman actually told me it would never work. To an extent I could understand them … Continue reading

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The arrival of Quail

I know, I’ve had a bit of a blogging holiday but in my defense it was Christmas, new year and THEN we moved house. A great deal has happened in between time, one of the most notable things being the … Continue reading

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