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Keeping it seasonal; peach, raspberry and almond tart

I think the term is fragipane? Or something like that, ground almond mix on a pastry base spread with raspberry jam. Either way, the perfect pud for this time of year, peaches are cheap and juicy and the raspberrys are … Continue reading

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Wild Blaeberry Muffins

It’s that time of year when the blaeberry out on the hill is starting to look rather edible. It, perhaps, isn’t as ripe as it could be but left to ripen any further and the battle against little dicky birds … Continue reading

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First Fruits

During my fleeting visit home between jobs I was lucky enough to witness the up turning of the first potato plant. It was a tense moment, but there in a tangle of roots were the little potatoes. Very small, granted, … Continue reading

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