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Riggit Progress

Originally posted on Working for grouse:
In a cold Westerly wind overlooking the Solway Now that they have been on site for a week, the galloway calves have settled down and are starting to establish some kind of rhythm. It…

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New year, new blog resolutions

It’s the 3rd January. I wanted to do a blog post about New Years resolutions which is pertinent as one of my New Years resolutions is to go back to blogging. It’s been almost a year since my last post … Continue reading

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A wonderful new friend

It’s been a little while since I last update this blog. And to be fair a lot has been going on for me; I moved house, I got married and I must admit I haven’t done very much exciting cooking, … Continue reading

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Moussaka – for Aga

Cooking with an Aga can be fabulous. It can also go horribly wrong, especially if you try and use it the same as you would a normal oven. The Aga has extra doors, more opportunities for cooking and changes the … Continue reading

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This week in Sutherland

Here we go… my cooking adventures for the season have begun! And Sutherland is no bad place to start. Admittedly it is some distance from Dumfries and Galloway but when it comes to dramatic scenery, wildlife and stunning surroundings it … Continue reading

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Chicks Chicks Chicks!

I keep hens because they lay lovely eggs. I love that I have beautiful yellow yolked eggs whenever I want them, I never need to worry about the condition of the hens producing them, because I can look out the … Continue reading

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Barlochan Beef Bourguignon

I took a trip to the Kirkcudbright¬†last weekend and happened across another wonderful Dumfries and Galloway farmers market. As usual I was not disappointed and came away with rather more than I had intended! I mentioned Barlochan highland beef in … Continue reading

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Ecclefechan Tart

There’s a little town about 25 miles from me that is associated with a rather delicious tart. The town is Ecclefechan (pronounced Ekkle-FECKan) and in many ways it is really very unremarkable as a town, yet they seem to have … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Chilli cake

I need to start by confessing that I’ve never really cooked with chilli. We did some bits and bobs at cooking school but never really scratched the surface as far as spicy cooking was concerned. In the intervening years there … Continue reading

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Hogget cooking and the Dumfries farmers market

Walking away from the Dumfries farmers market last Sunday I had one of those “I’ve spent faaar too much money” moments. I always try to go, primarily because it is the place where they sell the best pies in the … Continue reading

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